Monado - Definitely named after Xenoblade

I love that the Monado project specifically has a line in the ReadMe that says:

“Monado” has no specific meaning and is just a name.

I met someone from Collabora who was one of the main contributors working on Monado and they were open about the fact that the original creator of Monado named the project after the titular Xenoblade from Xenoblade Chronicles because they’re a huge fan of the series.

Very stoked to see how fast development is progressing on this project. I think it’s critical to the future of XR in academic and industrial use cases, and could eventually spawn a lot of interesting and competitive XR headsets and platforms.

What I’m most stoked about is seeing even basic / experimental support for Oculus Rift S and Windows MR. These headsets were mostly useless without their bloated runtimes. In the future, I can imagine a small compute puck running Monado turning the Rift S and Windows MR headsets into standalone VR headsets.