Other headsets besides Quest (?)

Missing Vision Pro and XReal and HoloLens 2 headsets… and also legacy headsets

Definitely open to making new Categories as needed, but it seems premature to create them for headsets none of XRHF users are talking about.

A Category for VisionOS makes sense, Xreal might start making sense once Xreal Air 2 Ultra comes out (devs don’t seem to be making apps for their 3dof headsets with their runtime in any real numbers), but HoloLens 2 is mostly abandoned along with the rest of Windows MR.

That said we’re happy to make them as needed. If anyone wants to do a post on any device, OS, SDK, or runtime at all, even OSVR or Rift DK2 or something, just let a Mod know and we’ll make the Category for you.

Let’s def make a category for VisionOS. I agree with @Omnima on the rest.